[INTERVIEW] Nicolas Debeney, from Les Résidences Yvelines Essonne : "With OGGA, we can consider a realistic massification of Smart Home"
Interview · 24. juin 2021
In this interview, Nicolas Debeney introduces us to his realistic point of view regarding the broadening of the social landlord Les Résidences Yvelines Essonne connected housing policy.

[INTERVIEW] Adrien Rolland, responsible for innovation and environment at Les Résidences Yvelines Essonne
Interview · 11. mars 2021
"Developing a fourth fluid in our operations". This is the commitment Les Residences Yvelines Essonne made to initiate the connected social housing. In its innovative will to create "the futuristic housing, reachable and comfortable for everyone, whatever your situation is". The social landlord which accomodates more than 100 000 tenants in 32 000 housings spreaded in 134 cities launched the 1st of Januar 2020 its connected label. An approach focused on charges reduction, comfort, security and...

Stéphane Gagnat, OGGA's DG : "There shouldn't be renovations without an energy consumption optimization system !"
Interview · 28. janvier 2020
Complete solutions supply to connect your housings and buildings, sales strategy development, a positioning oriented toward social landlords and a lot of projects involved with other players : 2020 promise to be a enriching for OGGA. A year which all the team really looks forward to by setting high objectives. This is the occasion for Stéphane Gagnat, co-founder and DG of OGGA, to share his vision of challenges the company will take up as well as the "smart" field that struggles to develop...

[TESTIMONIAL] Remy Defay property developer at Marignan
Interview · 20. décembre 2018
Read Remy Defay's point of view over Smart Building Solutions.