eco-heating, your solution to make a boiler room smart

what is the use of eco-heating ?

It is important for the housing association to monitor the performance of its boiler rooms in order to optimise their exploitation and ensure a good functioning of its equipment. The good data management of boiler rooms also garantees comfort in dwellings on the long term and thus helps maintain a higher satisfaction rate among tenants.


OGGA has developed Eco-Heating in partnership with the biggest actors of social housing. It is a solution that makes possible the remote real-time monitoring of a boiler room’s equipment. Thanks to this solution maintenance managers are able to prevent malfunctions and replace equipment when needed.

eXaMPLES of data that can be collected with eco-heating

Temperatures :

 Flow temperature of the sanitary hot water circuit

 Flow temperature of the radiator circuits

 Flow temperature of the primary circuit

 Outside temperature


Consumption rates :

 Gaz consumption

 Electrical consumption
 Heating calories

 Calories of heat for sanitary hot water

 Volume of cold water used in the boiler room


Other measurements :

 Run time for a boiler burner

 Solar production


Alarms :

 Error codes

 Alarms from a boiler pressostat

data management and associated services

Thanks to its strategic location in the heart of the boiler room, Eco-Heating ensures good data management to send the collected data to monitoring platforms via external servers. This solution helps service providers to set up personalised operating platforms to meet the needs of housing associations’ building supervisors and maintenance managers.



Exemples of services available with Eco-Heating :

 Boiler room performance report

 Real-time consumption monitoring

 Building operator service monitoring

 Boiler nomenclature display

 Fast malfunction detection

 Equipment failure forecast

OGGA has also developped its own monitoring platform, called EcoPlatform, in partnership with housing associations :



Eco-Platform - Overview
Eco-Platform - Overview