ECO-BOS, your building operating system solution

Integrate an innovative BOS solution into your buildings

Why use a BOS in your building ?

For some years the building sector has been evolving due to digital transformation. This transformation has a big impact on the way the buildings are used and operated.


Building data are not always used in the most efficient way due to a lack of coordination between the devices or their poor integration. When better exploited these data can bring more additional value : malfunction detection, enegy optimization, maintenance register, predictive maintenance become possible.


As data management has become essential for the good functioning of a building on the long term, OGGA has developed EcoBOS, a simple solution that garantees permanent monitoring of a buidling’s equipment and energy consumption.

Eco-bos functionalities

Eco-BOS is connected to the infrastructure of the buidling (dwellings, common areas…) and ensures the necessary link between the different equipments on the one hand, and monitoring platforms on the other hand. It allows service providers to set up specific management interfaces to meet the needs of the building supervisors and maintenance managers. Eco-BOS manages data collection proccess which consists in integrating data from different sources (sensors) into a dedicated interface to make the data exploitable. 



Smart CO2 detector

Carpark door

Forced ventilation system

Smoke ventilation window

Services available with ECO-BOS

 Building data history back up (last 3 years)

 Centralised and identified data (data access documentation)
 Local building monitoring interface that shows collected data depending on buildings’ equipment

 Adding new sensors to the BOS in local access

 Authorized local access for external providers (i.e. maintenance managers)


With Eco-BOS, the deployment of new services is easier 

 Energy efficiency for buildings/dwellings

 Heating cost allocation

 Home care assistance

 Security service (companies selling alarm systems could use the data to improve their products)

 Access control updates


 Installation : wire ETHERNET IP and/or EnOcean radio protocole - WIFI

 Extensions : other protocols can be added (LORA, WMBUS…)

 Local secure API (read-only mode and configuration)

 Remote access via secure OGGA servers (or others)

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