Your energy and comfort manager

Eco-Touch automates energy savings and brings optimal comfort!

Energy Efficiency with automatic heating system



Energy consumption monitoring



Energy consumption monitoring

Smart water


automatic roller blinds

Roller shutter


lightings monitoring


cut off

connected sockets monitoring

Standby switch


Eco-touch energy intelligent manager automates heating management (including during periods of sleep) switches off standby during absences, and makes it possible to advantageously replace an energy meter.  Its simplicity of use gives it a unique advantage as it can adapt itself to any user profile.


Simple to install, Eco-Touch innovation allows homes to be connectedand to consume energy more efficiently, while also improving quality of life.

smart thermostat without programming

 Eco-Touch regulates energy consumption by automatically turning down heating during periods of absence and sleep, while anticipating hours of return and waking for optimal comfort.

It is therefore, constantly adapting itself in real time, to changes in user behaviour in order to warm homes to the right temperature according to their residents’ true needs.


 Eco-Touch | Heating in ECO mode  during absences

Heating in ECO mode 

during absences 

 Eco-Touch | Return anticipation



Eco-Touch | Waking hour anticipation


hour anticipation

 Eco-Touch | Automatic night temperature


night temperature


For a more advanced control over your daily consumption.


To prevent you from wasting energy when you use hot water, Eco-Touch automatically operates the water heater, making it possible to save energy while optimizing your machine lifespan.

Functionalities in automatic mode : 


Define one period of heating over 24h to avoid energy wastes

Start the heater during off-peak periods 

Detection and analysis of the really needed heating time  

Dysfunction alert. Ex : overconsumption due to a leak or a failure to start up the heater 


Other regulation modes :

Programmed regulation modes 

Manuaregulation modes : forced stop or forced start-up 

RT2012 energy meter

Respecting the RT2012 regulations, Eco-Touch not only measures and displays energy consumption, but also alerts the user in case of anomaly.


  Displays real time energy consumption by usage

  Displays consumption history

›  Displays projected monthly energy consumption 

  Alerts in case of abnormal consumption

  Compatible with GAZPAR meter

  Consumption display in kWh and €

Roller Shutter monitoring

The closing et opening of roller shutters are centralized at the hall of your house. It is also possible to monitor them from the Eco-Touch application either you're at home or not.

standbys switch off

Eco-touch simplifies by automatically deleting unecessary standy consumption during absences thanks to easily identifiable wall sockets inside your home.

Eco-Touch | Simplicity of use

Simplicity of use 

Eco-Touch | Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency 

 Eco-Touch | Comfort


 Eco-Touch | Modernity


 Eco-Touch | Adaptability


hOW DOES ECO-touch work ?

Eco-Touch is the first product wich uses consumption measurement to learn, analyse, automate and operate according to resident's behaviour.


It is installed in the electrical panel by an electrician and it doesn't need programing, configuring or the help of a home automation professional. The presence of Eco-Touch in the electrical panel allows it to be durably integrated into housing, without need for maintenance, or servicing.

Eco-Touch is installed in the electrinal panel from which it can make you gain energy efficiency and reduce your energy consumption comsuption

wireless and battery-free switch

With the switch installed near the entrance, the resident can keep total control over the system.


One action to inform the module of an inhabitant's absence or presence, and the accomodation is set to the Eco or Comfort mode.

adjustable wireless temperature sensor

It allows inhabitant to manually set the desired temperature at home.


For manual operation withtout using the app.

Eco-Touch is installed in the electrinal panel from which it can make you gain energy efficiency and reduce your energy consumption comsuption

remotely manage eco-touch !

If you wish to remotely pilot eco-Touch, you can download the free OGGA application and consult energy consumption in real time.

 Eco-Touch | Thermostat application
Eco-Touch | Application
 Eco-Touch | Consumption tracking Application

The Eco-Touch app is free to download and without subscription on the App store and Google play store. It is also available from a computer on any browser.