OGGA, your smart building operator

An efficient and easy way to remotely monitor your buildings!

For social housing associations, the maintenance of real estate represents a significant part of their budget. In accordance with the Social Utility Agreement (CUS), housing associations must collect and and trace information regarding the energy efficiency of their buildings.


OGGA provides with a large range of solutions which allows landlords to monitor the global energy consumption of their buildings. Moreover, with these solutions it is possible to set optimal predictive and optimized maintenance in order to identify any malfunction while ensuring a lasting comfort in the housings.

OGGA can make your building become a smart building
Eco-BOS is a data aggregator which allows  you to gather data from your smart buildings


Eco-BOS collects every bit of data about the building and its infrastructure and make possible its remote monitoring via secured servers.



Eco-Heating turns your boiler room into a boiler room



Eco-Heating is a data manager installed in the boiler room which helps landlords and maintenance managers permanently monitor  ans predict breakdown of the boiler room's equipment.

Eco-Platform is a monitoring platform made to control your smart building



Eco-Platform aggregates all the data collected by Eco-BOS into one central platform, allowing landlords to monitor their buildings energy consumption.



Eco-Pilot is used to help people in needs of a better support in their housings



Eco-Pilot is made for supported housing. With this platform, it is possible to bring more support to the tenant while managing the energy consumption of a real estate.