Common thread

Common Thread #5: Coping with summer without the cold sweats
Common thread · 28. octobre 2022
In this article, find out how to achieve acceptable summer comfort, for example by following the RE2020 or by using Smart Building and Connected Building.

Common thread 4 : Is social housing the future social bomb ?
Common thread · 19. octobre 2022
Actors of the real estate sector in France noticed that the housing issues did not infuse the presidential debate, despite being the subject that widely affects our society for reasons that are inseparable from it, such as the themes of employment, living expenses, mobility, education or wealth inequality.

Common thread 3 : What to retain from "Digital Habitat" in 10 points?
Common thread · 13. juillet 2022
Digital Habitat, the online event which aims to address the many social, energy and environmental challenges through IoT, took place for the third consecutive year! Discover the 10 points to remember about the 2022 edition of Digitat Habitat

Energy production by 2050 : The need to make long-term choices today
Common thread · 12. avril 2022
Discover The Shift Project's reports and studies for the transformation of the French energy system. An article that looks at our energy future from the perspective of our current situation.

Common thread · 12. avril 2022
Normally, the price of electricity in France depends on the following factors : › Production, storage, supply and marketing costs › Delivery costs › Gas prices (part of the produced and imported electricity comes from gas-fired power plants) › Cost of CO2 allowances › Taxes (e.g. Contribution au Service Public de l'Electricité (CSPE), Contribution Tarifaire d'Acheminement (CTA), Value Added Tax (VAT)). In addition to these structural (and already variable) elements, new circomstances...