OGGA, is a Lyon based company specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of a solution answering energy efficiency objectives, and which analyzes user behaviour patterns in order to automatically put into place the ultimate energy-efficient scenario (heating, lighting …). OGGA’s vocation is to develop a range of products and innovative services aimed at property developers.


OGGA aspires to revolutionize the management of home energy and to become a key player in the sector thanks to simplicity of use, ease of installation and the intelligence of its products.


The law on energy transition definitively adopted July 22, 2015 plans in its objectives to reduce final energy consumption by 50% by 2050 (compared to 2012). The building sector accounts for 43% of the energy consumed in France (against 31% for transport and 21% for industry). Furthermore, building energy consumption generates 23% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


The stakes are high, the objectives ambitious and the energy performance of buildings is advancing rapidly thanks to construction professionals. However, desired energy efficiency also depends on thermal usage. Reaching the intended target also depends on occupant behaviour, as does the energy performance achieved.



By integrating OGGA smart technology into the home, the desire for comfort, modernity and energy conservation becomes a reality for everyone. The ease of use of OGGA products is incomparable. Our desire is to make innovation accessible to all consumers by providing homes with the tools for intelligent, automatic and centralised energy management.