30 single-family homes spread over the parisian region

Thanks to our collaboration with the GeoxiaLab, This innovation community is created to experiment with energy solutions at a large scale.. This ecosystem has enabled us to deploy our connected solutions in 30 individual houses throughout the Paris basin.


We provided smart plugs, motion detectors, door opening detectors as well as CO2 detectors and humidity sensors, all communicating with our Eco-Touch smart thermostat. All of these innovative objects allow these individual houses to be at the cutting edge of technology and provide comfort, support and energy efficiency to the inhabitants.

Delivery year  2021

Housings equipped  30

Project type  Renovation

Heating system  Gas individual, electrical and heat pump

1/3 with multizone heating system monitor

1/3 with monozone heating system monitor

1/3 withouth heating system monitor


Contracting authority  GEOXIALAB 

Partner › KocliKo

(Data analysis, personalised advice to users on the consumption aspect and remote control)

Installer › SERA/AIRRIA Grenoble


Solution installed :

Additional accessories :

- 3 smart plugs

- 1 motion detector

- 5 opening detectors

- 1 CO2 detector + 1 indoor humidity sensor

- 1 outdoor temperature and humidity sensor

Functionalities for the tenants :

› Heating monitoring

› Consumption display

› Lightings cut

› Smart plugs monitoring


Features for the builder :  

Adding real value to their buildings, renovations and reducing the energy impact of their homes on a large scale.

"Since the creation of their pioneering brand "Maisons Phénix" in 1946, GEOXIA's teams have been committed to the most beautiful of missions : enabling the greatest number of families to build their own home." (


The Geoxia group currently builds more than 3,000 single-family homes per year throughout France, notably under the Maisons Phénix and Maison Familiale brands.


Since 2014, Geoxia and more than 20 industrial partners have been grouped together in the GeoxiaLab, a real innovation laboratory !

The objective of the GeoxiaLab?

To gather talents and call on collective intelligence to imagine the house of the future! More economical, more comfortable, more ecological and better adapted to the evolution of users' lifestyles.



The GeoxiaLab is today a key actor in reinventing individual housing. Through its experimental programs, it is possible to test new solutions and new economic models.

The latest idea from GeoxiaLab: THE ENERGY COMFORT PASS

Stop just providing energy, start providing comfort!


Within the GeoxiaLab, a brand new concept has been developed:

the "Comfort Supply".



What is the principle?

The feeling of well-being in a home depends on several parameters : temperature, luminosity, air quality, humidity level...


These parameters are linked to the settings of the equipment and to occupants' lifestyles, which varies according to the day and night. A "comfort provider" does not simply want to supply electricity or gas. It focuses directly on energy consumption items (heating, lighting, ventilation, household appliances, etc.) to help the user make optimal use of them at all times and save money on their energy bills.


Guaranteeing maximum comfort at the best cost is called "Comfort as a service".


How is this possible?

 New calculation systems are used and connected sensors are installed in the houses without changing the existing equipment.

 An 'energy coaching' service is set up to give inhabitants the best advice.


 And for the most motivated, technical support is offered to control the house remotely and maximise savings.

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