Young workers' hostel

Pornic, Sainte-Pazanne, Blain, Saint Brevin, Loire-Atlantique

For our first project with Adelis, we have equipped 4 hostels for young workers in the Nantes region, totalling 90 homes.


In these hostels for young workers, Adelis will partially control the accommodation in order to reduce energy consumption and participate in the fight against global warming.


The aim is to teach tenants how to use energy properly and to reduce risky behaviour in the accommodation. In this way, Adelis ensures safety in housing while reducing the tenants' energy bill.

Delivery year › 2022

Project Type › New


Pornic :

Number of dwellings equipped  30

Installer  ATCE


Sainte Pazanne :

Number of dwellings equipped  20


Installer  ATCE



Number of dwellings equipped  20


Installer  ATCE


Saint Brévin :

Number of dwellings equipped  20


Installer  OMH Elec

Solution installed :

 Functionalities for Adelis :

›  Data feedback and management platform

›  Live monitoring of consumption data from the dwellings

›  Setting of a hot water consumption threshold


 Features for the occupant :

›  Sending of an automatic PDF with display of their consumption

›  Absence/presence management via a key switch





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